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Ejoe JADE Comfort Cruiser Electric Bike

Ejoe JADE Comfort Cruiser Electric Bike

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eJOE JADE Comfort Cruiser Electric Bike

Packed with top features of high-end electric bikes, the stylish eJOE JADE Comfort Cruiser brings together best-in-class performance. Treat yourself with a new attractive e-bike, great price, and free shipping!

Bike Features:

696 watt hour- 48V battery

Get where you want when you want. Our sleek design battery has just the right amount of power to get you where you need to be at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. Hidden right into the frame of the bike, you get more power without compromising the stylish design of the bike.

Cadence pedal assist

Advanced pedal assist sensor technology CADENCE pedal assistance. This sensor technology is hidden from eyesight; no magnet/sensor outside to be seen from the pedal and virtually no lag felt when pedaling with the electric assist making your riding effortless.


Take control of your ride with our easy to use backlit LCD display. Access all the adjustable settings and real-time metrics that our bike has to offer at the ease of your fingertips. Equipped with 5 riding modes and more, you have the power to control your ride to fit your needs.

Thumb throttle

The power is in your hands. Control when you need motor assistance and acceleration with the convenience of the thumb throttle. With power ON DEMAND as a standard feature, you can efficiently control when and how much assistance you want throughout your ride.

Led headlight

Safety is key. All of our bikes are equipped with a bright and water resistant LED headlight integrated right into the bike so that it is powered by the battery so you never have to worry about having light at any time of day.

Ergonomic grips

As an added feature of comfort, all of our bikes are equipped with ergonomic hand grips that are specially designed to adapt to the palms and fingers of the rider, giving you the ability to ride longer and farther.

Comfort gel saddle seat

For all those long rides and adventures, ride in comfort with our comfort gel saddle seat, specially designed to…
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